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How to Rediscover Yourself and Grow Alongside Your Family without Overwhelming Yourself with Childcare, Household Duties, and Sacrificing Personal Time 

Perfect for moms juggling full-time parenting with personal aspirations and seeking a balanced life.

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The problem is you're constantly feeling like the default parent, handling everything from cooking to cleaning, and chauffeuring, often feeling unseen and overwhelmed.

You're struggling with:


  • Managing an endless cycle of household chores and responsibilities without adequate support, leading to a perpetual state of exhaustion and feeling like your home is always in disarray despite your efforts.

  • Dealing with personal challenges which make keeping up with daily tasks even more daunting, compounded by a feeling of isolation in your motherhood journey.

  • Balancing the demands of taking care of your family and your home, which leaves little to no time for self-care or pursuing personal interests, leading to a sense of lost identity and hopelessness.

Imagine being able to:


Rediscover and pursue your personal passions,

 whether it's a new hobby, job, or launching your own business, with the confidence that your family feels loved and cared for, transforming motherhood into a journey of personal growth alongside family responsibilities.

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Create a serene and organized home environment

where everyone plays an active role in household tasks, allowing you to enjoy moments of relaxation and peace without the lingering worry of unattended chores or a chaotic living space.


Embrace a life where learning new things

and nurturing your interests are part of your daily routine, enhancing your sense of fulfillment and joy as you grow and thrive both as an individual and as a mother.

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Hi, I’m Autumn Carter,


Like you, I've journeyed through the intricate dance of motherhood, balancing its joys and challenges, while also facing my own personal trials. My path has not been straightforward, involving moments of juggling the demands of motherhood with personal aspirations and significant life changes.


Seventeen months after becoming a mom, I took a significant leap. I went back to school as a mom, welcoming three additional members to my family amidst these times. This journey taught me to conquer overwhelming odds, to optimize productivity, and to balance family life with pursuing higher education, culminating in graduating cum laude.


Now, I'm eager to share with you the invaluable lessons and skills I've acquired. My experiences have equipped me with more than just knowledge; they have honed my ability to create efficient systems and strategies tailored specifically for moms.

My dedication to coaching and empowering moms stems from a deeply personal understanding of your needs. I recognize the yearning for personal development while watching your children learn and grow. This unique phase of life, where you are as much a learner as you are a teacher, is filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. As your children embark on their journey of firsts, you too are navigating a path of newfound identity and purpose.


I understand the delicate balance between nurturing your child and nurturing yourself, the desire to be fully present in the moment yet also carving out space for your own dreams and aspirations. It's a dance of give and take, where your role as a mother intertwines with your individuality. My goal is to help you find harmony in this balance, to ensure that while you're supporting your child's development, you're also nurturing your own growth, passions, and well-being.


In our coaching sessions, we'll explore strategies to integrate personal development into your daily life as a mom. We'll focus on creating routines that honor both your needs and your child's, ensuring that as they grow, you're also evolving and flourishing. Whether it's through pursuing a new hobby, rediscovering an old passion, or simply finding moments of quiet reflection, we'll work together to ensure your journey through motherhood is as fulfilling and enriching as it is for your child.

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Signature Program



Reclaim Your Time, Renew Your Spirit

The comprehensive program for overwhelmed moms who seek to rediscover themselves, find time for self care, and show up as the parents they aspire to be, while establishing effective routines for a harmonious home life.

You’ll walk away with:

What’s Included in Reclaim Your Time, Renew Your Spirit: A 90-Day Transformation for Moms:


Totally self paced program with drip lessons to keep you engaged and motivated without the overwhelm.


Comprehensive Worksheets: Tailored worksheets, focusing on key areas such as time management, meal planning, self-care, hobbies, and household organization, to help you apply the concepts in practical, meaningful ways.


Exclusive Access to a Private Community: Join our dedicated learning platform to connect with a supportive community of moms, share experiences, and gain additional insights and motivation.


A year of access to a program that is continuously being modified based on feedback from previous learners. 


Weekly Recorded Videos: Receive curated content in the form of recorded videos each week, allowing you to revisit crucial lessons and strategies at your own pace.

 Detailed Program Modules:

 - Introduction: Welcome, orientation, and an overview of the program's purpose, including an introduction to time-block worksheets and a color-coded calendar system.

   - Self-Discovery and Time Management: Techniques and tools to manage daily, weekly, and long-term tasks effectively.

   - Meal Planning: Strategies for overcoming meal planning challenges and a guide to using a meal planning app.

   - Self-Care: Exploration of self-care routines, their importance, and ways to incorporate them into your life.

   - Hobbies and Interests: Discussion on allocating time for hobbies and using hobby interest worksheets for personal growth.

   - Household Equality: Introduction to Fair Play for an equal distribution of household tasks.

   - Decluttering and Organization: Tools and tips for decluttering your home and maintaining organization.

   - Home Improvement Projects: Guidance on planning and executing home improvement projects with project worksheets.

   - Fair Play Deep Dive: Further exploration of the challenges and adjustments in implementing Fair Play in your household.

   - Mental and Emotional Wellness: Strategies for maintaining mental health and promoting emotional growth.

   - Program Wrap-Up: Discussion on the value of a mom's work, creating personal space in relationships, and key takeaways from the program. 


Each of these elements is designed to provide a comprehensive and transformative experience, enabling you to reclaim your time, renew your spirit, and emerge with a renewed sense of self and purpose.

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Table comparing Dream Job Mom, Reclaim Your Time, and Wellness Coaching Programs

Select the program that best supports your journey towards personal growth, professional development, and overall well-being.

Program Structure and Details:

Will I have enough time to dedicate to this program?

Allocating 1-4 hours per week to this program should be sufficient. We begin by assisting you in creating a personalized schedule, ensuring you can fit the program's activities into your busy life without feeling overwhelmed.

What will be covered in terms of family dynamics in the program?

A key component of the program is going over the benefits of redistributing responsibilities among all family relationships. This approach not only eases your load but also fosters a sense of teamwork and contribution from each family member, enhancing overall family dynamics.

Will I stay motivated?

Included is a private community just for those within this program. A new lesson unlocks each week to keep you from spinning your wheels in overwhelm. Between the community and the notifications, you will stay motivated. 

How will my significant other react to the changes suggested in the program?

Introducing changes in family dynamics can be sensitive. This program offers strategies to effectively communicate and collaborate with your significant other about these changes. The aim is to create an environment of mutual understanding and shared responsibility in the home.

Should I wait until my life is more organized before joining?

Starting now, regardless of your current life organization, can be the most beneficial step. This program is designed to help you bring order and balance, providing the tools and support you need to create a more organized life.

Is the program always available?

Yes, it's evergreen. You can join any time that suits you best, and there is a waitlist when it's full to ensure personalized attention for all participants. This structure maintains the high quality and effectiveness of the program.



Money-Back Guarantee

At the heart of "Reclaim Your Time, Renew Your Spirit" lies not only my unwavering belief in its transformative power but also a deep commitment to your journey of rediscovery and growth. This program is a heartfelt exploration designed for the beautiful chaos of motherhood, infused with my knowledge, experience, and soul. Understanding the leap of faith you're taking, I extend to you a promise: immerse yourself fully for 30 days – engage in the sessions, connect with the community, apply the strategies – and if you feel it hasn’t significantly impacted your life, I will offer a full refund, no questions asked. This guarantee is my testament to the faith I have in this program and, more importantly, in you – in your strength, your potential, and your incredible capacity for transformation.

'Reclaim Your Time, Renew Your Spirit: A 90-Day Transformation for Moms' is always open for enrollment, ready when you are. For a limited time, enroll now and get '10% off the 'Stay-at-Home Mom to Dream Job Mom' program using code DreamJobMom. This is your chance to balance personal growth with career ambitions at your own pace.

Start your journey towards balance and empowerment today, and when you're ready to advance your career, enjoy a special discount on your next step.

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