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You love being a mom, but are exhausted!

The joy you find in motherhood is undeniable, but the weight of constant responsibilities can be overwhelming. I understand the emotional rollercoaster, the long nights, and the days that seem to blur together. I've been in the trenches, and I've come through them stronger.

Now, I'm here to stand beside you and help you reclaim your energy, your aspirations, and your identity beyond motherhood. I know that as the days go by, you might feel like you're starting to lose yourself in the whirlwind of it all.

You are not alone, I can help.

Autumn Carter smiling at the camera.

Hi, I am Autumn Carter

I understand you in ways that go beyond words. I've walked the same path you're on, juggling the joys and challenges of motherhood while facing my own set of trials. I've known the pain of growing up in a broken home, and carried the weight of childhood trauma.I've even taken the leap of going back to school while being a mom and welcomed babies into my life during those challenging times.

Through it all, I've mastered the art of conquering overwhelm and pursuing higher education while raising my own young children. And now, I want to share everything I've learned with you.My journey has equipped me with more than just knowledge; it's given me the skills to create efficient systems, optimize productivity, and graduate cumlaude.

But what's even more important is my unwavering dedication to empowering moms just like you to achieve their aspirations and conquer the overwhelm that can sometimes feel suffocating.

My passion for coaching stems directly from my journey as a mom. I understand the need for support and guidance during those significant life changes. I've felt the burning desire to find a fulfilling career that aligns with your values. And that's why I'm here.

I offer specialized coaching services that are tailor-made for moms like you. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom yearning to pursue your dream job, looking to become a mompreneur, or simply seeking individual coaching, I've got you covered. Together, we'll explore your passions, interests, and skills, crafting a personalized plan of action to help you achieve your professional goals.

Autumn Carter smiling in graduation attire.
8 dimensions of wellness wheel.

But that's not all; I specialize in one-on-one coaching tailored to your unique needs. In these sessions, we delve into the 8 dimensions of wellness, set SMART goals, and most importantly, start with small steps to help you regain trust in yourself and create the space in your life to thrive once more. Whether you're seeking work-life balance, a wellness transformation, or a mindset shift, my personalized coaching is designed to support you on your journey.

My mission as a mom coach is deeply personal. I'm here to empower you to prioritize self-care, conquer overwhelm, and find greater fulfillment in your roles as both a mother and an individual. I understand the challenges you face, the constant pressure to juggle multiple responsibilities, and the habit of putting your needs last. Through my coaching services, I'll help you develop strategies to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I'm not just here for your professional growth, though. I also guide my clients in adopting healthy habits that nurture their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. From stress management techniques to cultivating self-compassion, I provide practical tools and unwavering support to help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

So, whether you're a mom yearning for a career change, feeling the weight of burnout, or simply searching for more balance and fulfillment, I'm here, speaking directly to you. My coaching approach is rooted in empathy, compassion, and deep listening, and it creates a safe and supportive space where you can explore your goals, values, and fears.

Autumn Carter washing her newborn as her older son helps her.
A stack of balancing stones.

As your coach, I'll draw upon a variety of coaching tools and techniques tailored uniquely to your needs and circumstances. Together, we will uncover your strengths, overcome the obstacles, and create actionable plans that lead to your desired outcomes. My ultimate goal is to help you embrace your inner strength and resiliency, enabling you to make a positive change and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Thank you for considering me as your coach. I'm excited, beyond words, to be on this transformative journey with you. We'll navigate the challenges, rediscover your dream job, and find a balance and wellness that you truly deserve.

I share tips, events, and will never share your information.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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