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How to Secure Your Dream Job or Start Your Own Business,
Achieving Financial Independence Without Temporary Jobs, Unmatched Hours, or Extra Degrees. Perfect for Empty Nesters and Full-Time Moms Ready to Make an Impact and Find Fulfillment.


Stay-at-Home Mom to Dream Job Mom

The comprehensive course for moms and female caregivers seeking to re-enter the workforce or start their own business. This program promises to help you discover your true calling and equips you to either land your dream job or develop a complete business plan by the end of the course.

I loved participating in Autumn's group career coaching sessions. I learned from her advice to me but also appreciated the insight from other participants and hearing Autumn interact with them. She's got great resources to share and is very insightful regarding best practices for specific challenges in getting back to the workforce. highly recommend.

Mary M., Dream Job Mom participant

Imagine Stepping Into a Life Where:

Woman at Work

Financial Empowerment Meets Personal Fulfillment:

You're not just earning a paycheck; you're engaged in work that fills you with a sense of purpose and achievement, similar to the fulfillment you found in motherhood. This job or business isn’t just a pastime; it's a passion that also contributes significantly to your family's finances.


Debt Becomes a Thing of the Past:

Picture yourself steadily paying down debt or saving for something special, just for you. Each day at work brings you closer to financial freedom and the joy of rewarding yourself for your dedication and hard work.

A Balanced Life of Value and Love.png

A Balanced Life of Value and Love:

Envision a life where your professional endeavors don't just bring financial gains but also add immense value to your family. You love your job as deeply as you loved being a full-time mom, experiencing a harmonious balance that many only dream of.

Autumn is so encouraging and a great listener. She is not only supportive but gives real concrete steps with an action plan to deliver the results you hope for and give you the confidence to achieve them. The group was also a great place to find supportive women who really understood. Amazing experience!

Goodwin K., Dream Job Mom participant

This is not just a fantasy; it's a very achievable reality. By joining this program, you're setting yourself on a path where financial stability, personal fulfillment, and a love for your work coexist beautifully.
Autumn Carter smiling at camera while leaning against wall

Hi, I’m Autumn Carter,


Like many of you, I faced a daunting transition after being a full-time stay-at-home mom for nearly seven years. This pivotal change occurred as I ventured back into the academic world, graduating college in my mid-thirties with an undergraduate degree. During this period, I immersed myself in several career-focused courses, which not only fueled my interest in professional development but also led me down the path to a life coaching certification.


Navigating the complexities of starting my own business, along with guiding others in either launching their own ventures or re-entering the workforce, was an eye-opening experience. It highlighted to me the vital importance of mindset, self-knowledge, and staying current with market trends in landing one’s dream job.


Now, I’m committed to helping you achieve the same. My expertise lies in aiding individuals to either find their dream job or create their dream business. I particularly focus on translating the invaluable skills gained from being a stay-at-home mom into the corporate sphere, ensuring these skills are recognized and valued.

In terms of support, I offer a diverse range - from one-on-one private coaching to self-study, and group study options. My learning platform is designed for lifetime access and is continually updated, providing you with a resource that you can return to if you ever wish to change jobs or career paths.


Furthermore, my collaboration with Upword Resume and a local recruiter has brought a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to my services, ensuring that the guidance you receive is both relevant and effective in today’s job market.


I also offer mindset coaching, which is crucial for navigating the mental challenges that often accompany career transitions. My aim is to empower you to fully realize your potential and confidently embrace a career that brings you fulfillment and excitement.


Let’s embark on this journey together, turning your career aspirations into a successful reality.

You'll walk away with:


 A clear and actionable plan to find your dream job or launch your dream business, tailored to your unique skills and passions, empowering you to make your own money and achieve financial independence.

Strategies and tools to manage and pay down debt effectively, or save for personal goals, all while making a meaningful difference in your chosen field.

A renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment, feeling valued and accomplished, as you successfully navigate the transition from being a full-time mom or empty nester to thriving in a career you love.

Walk in the park

What’s Included in the Program:

Weekly Live Coaching Calls:

Participate in group coaching sessions, complete with accountability partners, to keep you on track and motivated.

Video Call

Lifetime Access to a Dynamic Learning Platform:

Benefit from continuous updates reflecting the latest market trends, ensuring your skills remain relevant.     

Woman on Computer

Tailored Coaching with Three Package Options:

Enjoy three live calls for self-study participants,weekly group sessions for group coaching, or weekly private sessions for one-on-one coaching.

Feet stopped at three arrows pointing in different directions

Comprehensive Modules Covering Every Aspect of Your Transition:

Engage in a series of well-structured modules, each tailored to a specific aspect of your career transition. 

Program modules

This comprehensive program is designed to guide you from uncertainty to a fulfilling career or successful business ownership, equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need.

Program Overview

Program Structure and Details:

When are the coaching calls scheduled?

   - Currently coaching calls are every Thursday from 2-3 PM EST, offering live interaction and personalized advice. However, if enough people want a different time and day, I will be happy to accommodate.

How long is access to the course materials?

   - Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials on our platform, including updates and new content.

What if I can't attend a live coaching call?

   - If you know you will miss a live session, submit your questions in advance. They will be addressed, and the recording will be available on the platform within 24 hours.

Is the program suitable for men?

   - Originally designed for moms, it's been adapted for men in the one-on-one coaching package only.

What is the time commitment for the program?

- The program typically requires 1-3 hours per week for homework, with courses unlocked in advance for planning.

   - The program lasts for 8 weeks.

Are there any hidden costs?

   - No additional costs exist beyond the initial program fee, including full lifetime access to all materials and calls.

How personalized is the one-on-one coaching?

   - One-on-one coaching is highly personalized, focusing on individual goals and challenges.

How interactive are the group study sessions?

   - Group sessions are highly interactive, encouraging active participation and peer learning.

Addressing Specific Concerns:

What support is available for resumes and business plans?

   - The program provides detailed support for resume writing and business plan development.

Limited time availability:

    - With a focus on strategic actions, the program efficiently guides you towards your dream job, requiring only 1-3 hours per week.

Need for a flexible program starting now:

    - The program is designed for flexibility, allowing immediate start and pacing to fit your schedule.

Balancing family responsibilities with career or business:

    - The program includes strategies for time management and family involvement, making it feasible to balance family life with professional or business commitments.

This thorough Q&A list is designed to give you a clear understanding of the program's structure and how it addresses common concerns, ensuring you can make an informed decision about joining.

Program table explaining the differences between Dream Job Mom, Reclaim Your Time and Wellness Coaching

Select the program that best supports your journey towards personal growth, professional development, and overall well-being.

Holding Money
Money-Back Guarantee

I believe wholeheartedly in the transformative power of this program, and I want you to feel just as confident in its potential to change your life. That's why I'm offering a no-risk, 30-day guarantee. Dive into the program, immerse yourself in the trainings, and enjoy a coaching session. If, after 30 days, you don't feel completely assured that this is the right path for you, I'll refund your investment, no questions asked. Your satisfaction and success are my top priorities!

The group program runs every quarter. So, while I’m eager to have you join us in this upcoming cycle, please remember that enrollment for the current quarter closes on March 3rd at midnight EST with a limited number of seats. If you're not ready now, know that there will be future opportunities to embark on this transformative journey. However, if you feel the time is right, I encourage you to seize this moment and join us now. Your path to success doesn't have to wait!


Looking forward to potentially welcoming you into our community very soon.

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