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Episode 45: A Mom's Journey from Burnout to Wholesome Living

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Burned out mom with three children


Welcome to the "Wellness in Every Season" podcast, where we embark on a transformative journey towards achieving total wellness, even in the midst of overwhelming moments. I'm your host, Autumn Carter, and I'm thrilled to have you here.

This podcast is a sanctuary for all mothers out there, and we extend a warm invitation to anyone seeking guidance and inspiration. We believe in fostering an inclusive community where we learn and grow together, supporting each other during life's challenging transitions.

Join us as we step out of survival mode and discover the path to thriving, embracing wellness in every season of motherhood. From sleepless nights to new beginnings, we'll explore practical strategies, share heartfelt stories, and uncover the transformative power of self-care and self-love.

Together, we'll unlock the wisdom, strength, and resilience within ourselves, reminding one another that we're never alone on this beautiful, yet demanding, journey. It's time to prioritize your well-being and reclaim your joy, one season at a time.



Welcome to Episode 45 of "Wellness in Every Season," titled "Redefining Balance: A Mom's Journey from Holiday Burnout to Everyday Wholesome Living." This episode addresses a critical issue for moms – the challenge of not putting themselves last, particularly evident during and after demanding periods like the holiday season. We explore why this happens and how to prevent it, ensuring moms recover swiftly and maintain a balanced life.

We'll discuss navigating identity shifts post-motherhood, managing emotional well-being, and strategies for physical health. We’ll also delve into relationship dynamics, financial management, and the importance of personal growth, fun, and community involvement. This episode aims to empower moms to prioritize their well-being, effectively balancing self-care with the demands of motherhood. Join us in uncovering the secrets to a fulfilling and balanced life as a mom.

Key point #1

In the heart of a bustling city, nestled in a cozy, well-loved home, lived Isabella, a dynamic upper management executive at a renowned tech firm, and a devoted mother of three. The past two months had been a blur of festive preparations, demanding end-of-year work deadlines, and family commitments. Isabella, adept at juggling multiple responsibilities, had seamlessly orchestrated her company's annual holiday party and her family's celebratory events. However, as the New Year unfolded, Isabella felt an uncharacteristic deep weariness enveloping her, a clear sign of burnout from relentlessly doing it all on four hours or less sleep each night.

With the arrival of January and its serene promise, Isabella recognized the imperative need to step back. She opted for a leave of absence, dedicating January and February to her recovery and self-reflection. This period of introspection revealed to her the full magnitude of her 'invisible' labor, both in her professional role and within the family home. At work, her role extended far beyond strategic decision-making; she was also the linchpin holding her team together, mentoring, mediating, and silently ensuring the company's smooth operation.

In the realm of her home, Isabella's efforts were just as significant, though often unnoticed. She was the unseen engine driving the household, from organizing schedules and planning meals to comforting her children at night and subtly resolving myriad household challenges. Her daily life was a carefully choreographed ballet of attending to her children's needs, supporting her partner, and maintaining a harmonious, happy family life.

During her sabbatical, Isabella frequently gathered with her friends, a diverse mix of stay-at-home and part-time working moms. They would share stories and experiences over warm cups of tea, each conversation a tapestry of empathy and understanding. Despite their different paths, they all resonated with the common themes of juggling responsibilities, battling guilt, and striving to retain their individual identities amidst the demands of motherhood.

Isabella's friends admired her ability to balance a high-powered career with her family life. Together, they pondered over the societal norms and expectations imposed on women, regardless of their employment status, and the often overlooked 'unseen' work they performed.

As February neared its end, an unexpected gift awaited Isabella – a week-long retreat hosted by her favorite life coach, renowned for empowering mothers. This retreat, nestled in a serene, picturesque location, promised a sanctuary for recovery, growth, discovery and rejuvenation. 

Here, Isabella immersed herself in a world where her needs took precedence. The retreat offered workshops, wellness sessions, and heart-to-heart discussions, all designed to nurture the soul and mind. It was a place for Isabella to unburden, to share her experiences, and to learn from other inspiring women, each on their unique journey through motherhood.

This transformative week allowed Isabella to reconnect with herself, rediscovering passions and dreams momentarily forgotten in the whirlwind of her daily life. She returned home with a renewed spirit, carrying with her the invaluable lessons of self-care and the importance of recognizing and valuing the unseen work that she, and so many women, tirelessly perform.

Isabella’s story is a testament to the resilience and strength inherent in mothers, whether they are navigating the corporate world, managing homes, or striking a balance between the two. Her journey highlights the critical need for acknowledgment, support, and self-care in the lives of women who, day in and day out, devote themselves to the well-being of their families and their careers.

Key point #2

The unseen work that Isabella and many women like her undertake in their daily lives is vast and varied, encompassing a range of tasks and responsibilities that often go unnoticed but are crucial to the smooth running of both their families and workplaces. This invisible labor is not just about the physical tasks; it's also the mental and emotional load that comes with managing a household and a career.

Emotional Labor: This involves being the emotional anchor of the family, where Isabella constantly checks in with each family member's emotional well-being, offers support during tough times, and celebrates successes. It's about being the listener, the mediator in conflicts, and the provider of comfort and guidance.

Mental Load of Planning and Organization: Much of Isabella's unseen work lies in the continuous planning and organizing of family life. This includes scheduling doctor's appointments, organizing family events, planning meals, remembering important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, and keeping track of school events and extracurricular activities. As well as repeatedly reminding her family of their tasks. 

Household Management: Beyond the obvious tasks like cleaning and cooking, household management also includes less visible jobs like grocery shopping, restocking household supplies, rehoming items, managing home repairs and maintenance, and organizing spaces to keep the home functional and comfortable.

Financial Management: Handling the family’s finances, from budgeting and bill payments to saving for future expenses like children’s education or family vacations, is another critical but often unseen aspect of her work.

Career-Related Unseen Work: In her professional role, Isabella's unseen work includes staying ahead of industry trends, mentoring junior colleagues, and resolving workplace conflicts. It also involves the time she spends thinking and strategizing about work outside of office hours.

Networking and Community Engagement: Maintaining professional networks and community connections is also part of her unseen labor. This might involve attending events, participating in community activities, and building relationships that are beneficial both professionally and personally.

Self-Education and Skill Upgrades: Keeping her skills updated and educating herself on parenting, relationship management, and personal development are tasks that Isabella undertakes quietly but are essential for her growth and the well-being of those around her.

Caregiving: This includes not just the physical aspect of caregiving but also the time and effort involved in nurturing, teaching, and guiding her children, which is a continuous and often exhausting endeavor.

Individual Check-Ins: Every day, Isabella takes the time to connect with each family member. These check-ins are more than casual conversations; they are intentional moments where she tunes into their emotional states, listens to their concerns, and celebrates their achievements. With her children, this might involve discussing their day at school, addressing any worries they might have, or simply sharing a laugh. With her partner, it's about maintaining that emotional connection, discussing day-to-day experiences, and supporting each other in their respective roles.

These check-ins, though they may seem small, play a crucial role in maintaining the emotional health and cohesion of the family. They are the moments where bonds are strengthened, and a sense of belonging and understanding is fostered.

Scheduling Individual Dates: Recognizing the importance of quality one-on-one time, Isabella also makes a conscious effort to schedule individual dates with each family member. These are special times set aside to focus solely on that person, away from the distractions and demands of everyday life.

With her children, these dates might be as simple as a walk in the park, a trip to a museum, or a special breakfast outing. It's an opportunity for her to engage deeply with each child, understand their world, and create lasting memories.

For her partner, scheduling regular date nights or even a quiet evening at home is essential. It's a space for them to reconnect as a couple, discuss their dreams and plans, and simply enjoy each other's company, separate from their roles as parents or professionals.

In the whirlwind of her busy life, these individual check-ins and scheduled dates are Isabella's way of ensuring that each family member feels heard, valued, and loved. They are a vital part of the unseen work she does, contributing significantly to the emotional well-being of her family and the strength of their relationships. This intentional approach to family time is a testament to Isabella's dedication and love, showcasing the profound impact of the emotional and relational labor undertaken by many women in their daily lives.

This unseen work that Isabella and countless other women perform is a testament to their strength and dedication. It’s a complex interweaving of tasks that are essential for the harmony and prosperity of their families and workplaces. Recognizing and valuing this labor is crucial in understanding the true breadth of what women contribute both at home and in their professional lives.

During her transformative week at the retreat, Isabella engaged in deep discussions about the myriad unseen tasks that consumed her days, both in her professional environment and at home. These conversations, held amidst the tranquil setting of the retreat, focused not just on acknowledging this often invisible labor, but also on the crucial need for delegating and sharing these responsibilities. A key part of the retreat's preparatory work had been for each participant to read Eve Rodsky's "Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)." This insightful book served as a foundation for their discussions, enabling them to explore strategies for rebalancing their workload and reclaiming time for themselves.

Equipped with insights from Rodsky's book, Isabella and the other participants delved into recalibrating their lives. These sessions took place in a nurturing environment, interspersed with delicious meals prepared by a skilled chef, which provided a perfect backdrop for relaxed yet meaningful conversations. The retreat also offered a holistic approach to rejuvenation, including individual and group coaching sessions that allowed for personal reflection and shared experiences. The addition of massages, reiki sessions, and other wellness activities further enhanced the experience, creating a harmonious blend of personal growth, relaxation, and self-care.

This unique combination of activities and discussions at the retreat provided Isabella with the tools and perspective she needed to approach her unseen workload differently. It was a time for her to reset, reevaluate, and plan a more balanced and fulfilling path forward, both in her career and personal life.


Segment: Mindfulness Practice: 

Let's delve into the tranquility and rejuvenation that Isabella found during her time at the retreat with a mindfulness practice. This practice is designed to help you release stress and envision positive changes in your life, drawing on the principles of deep breathing, grounding, visualization, and emotional release. This session will create a peaceful space for reflection and reconnection with your inner strength.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can sit or lie down without distractions. Gently close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths, inhaling fully to fill your lungs with air, and then exhaling slowly, letting go of any tension in your body. With each breath, feel yourself becoming more relaxed, sinking deeper into a state of calm as you let go of the external world and focus inward.

Continue to breathe deeply, feeling the rhythm of your breath. With every inhale, imagine drawing in a wave of calmness, and with every exhale, visualize releasing stress and tension. As you relax, picture roots growing from the soles of your feet, extending deep into the earth, anchoring and stabilizing you.

Now, turn your attention to the stress you carry. Visualize this stress as a tangible entity, perhaps a dark cloud or a heavy burden. Identify where in your body this stress manifests. As you breathe into these areas, visualize the stress slowly dissolving or being carried away. Feel the relief as this burden lifts, leaving you lighter and more peaceful.

Next, think about the tasks that overwhelm you. Visualize each task as an object in your hands. As you hold each one, consider if it's necessary for your family's well-being and happiness. Can it be modified, delegated, or eliminated to create balance? Envision passing these objects to others, seeing them accept and share the load. Prepare for these tasks to be completed differently and embrace this with kindness and an open heart. Continuously reassess the necessity of each task, allowing yourself to let go of those that no longer serve their purpose.

During this process, allow yourself to feel any emotions that surface. Observe these emotions without judgment, releasing them with each exhale. Now, focus on drawing energy from your surroundings. Imagine absorbing the vibrant, revitalizing energy from the world around you – from the air, the earth, the sun. Feel this energy replenishing your spirit, infusing you with vitality and strength.

As you conclude this practice, take a few more deep breaths, each one drawing in more of this revitalizing energy. Begin to bring your awareness back to the present, gently moving your fingers and toes. When you're ready, open your eyes, returning to your surroundings with a renewed sense of energy, calm, and balance. Carry this feeling with you, letting it guide you through your day, reminding you of your inner strength and your ability to navigate life's responsibilities with a fresh perspective and an open heart.


Key point #3

Upon leaving the retreat, Isabella carried with her a newfound clarity and determination. The discussions, readings, and reflective practices had illuminated the areas of her life that needed adjustment to prevent burnout and foster a more balanced family dynamic. She had identified specific tasks and responsibilities that she could delegate or share, both at work and home, to alleviate the overwhelming burden she had been shouldering alone.

Equipped with this insight, Isabella had thoughtfully scheduled time to sit down with her husband upon her return. In this planned conversation, she intended to openly share her experiences from the retreat, the insights gained from "Fair Play" by Eve Rodsky, and her realizations about the need for change in their family life. The goal was to collaboratively develop a plan to redistribute the household and parenting responsibilities using Eve Rodsky’s Fair Play cards, ensuring that both she and her husband could contribute equally and more effectively as they discussed what each task card meant in their family. This was not just about lightening her load, but also about strengthening their partnership and setting a positive example for their children.

Furthermore, Isabella planned to have a separate, age-appropriate discussion with her children. She wanted to involve them in the process of change, helping them understand the importance of teamwork within the family and the value of everyone's contributions, big or small. This conversation was aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy in her children and ensuring that the family worked together to support each other.

Isabella left the retreat with a roadmap for these crucial conversations and changes. She felt empowered to make the necessary adjustments in her life, knowing that these steps were vital not just for her own well-being but for the health and happiness of her entire family. It was a moment of transformation, marking the beginning of a more balanced, collaborative, and mindful approach to both her personal and professional life.



Moms, I want you to imagine something for a moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and envision this: You're standing at the crossroads of dreams and duty. You're not just surviving each day, juggling chores and kids, but thriving in a life where your dreams aren't sidelined—they're part of your daily reality.

Can you feel that knot of guilt in your stomach start to loosen? It's that fear of losing yourself to endless days of diapers and dishes. It's the struggle to balance your own dreams with the demands of motherhood. It's the constant juggling act that often leaves you feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated.

But here's the thing, I've been right where you are. I understand those emotions, those daily challenges, and the longing for something more. I've found a way out, a path that allows you to be the incredible mom you are while pursuing your dreams.

And guess what? I've helped other moms do the same, and they've achieved amazing results. Now, I'm here to guide you on this transformative journey.

As we step into a new school year, I have some exciting news for you. Four coaching spots have just opened up, and they're waiting for moms like you who are ready to reclaim their true selves, balance their lives, and fulfill their dreams.

Are you ready for this transformation? It's your time to shine. Sign up online at for a free 60-minute coaching call.


Key point #4: 

After successfully delegating tasks both at work and home, Isabella found herself stepping into a space where self-care and personal fulfillment became achievable. Her journey, post-delegation, reveals a transformative path that can inspire and guide other moms in similar situations.

Isabella's Continued Journey to Self-Care and Fulfillment:

With her professional and household responsibilities now more evenly distributed, Isabella discovered she had the breathing room to focus on her own well-being and interests. 

Embracing Self-Care:

Isabella began to embed self-care into her daily life. This wasn't about grand gestures but about small, consistent practices that nurtured her. She started her mornings with a short meditation, which helped her set a calm and focused tone for the day. In the evenings, she dedicated time to unwind, sometimes with a book or simply listening to music, allowing her to relax and decompress.

Identifying Personal Needs:

With a clearer mind, Isabella became more in tune with her personal needs. She learned to recognize the signs of fatigue and stress early and took proactive steps to address them. This often meant taking short breaks during her workday or opting for a quiet evening at home instead of social engagements.

Setting Boundaries:

Now more aware of the importance of boundaries, Isabella became adept at maintaining them. She communicated her limits clearly at work, ensuring her team understood her availability and expectations. At home, she fostered a culture where every family member respected each other's need for space and personal time.

Effective Time Management:

Isabella's approach to time management transformed significantly. She prioritized tasks that aligned with her personal and professional goals and became comfortable delegating or postponing less critical activities. This strategic approach allowed her to carve out time for what truly mattered.

Building a Support Network:

Isabella strengthened her support network by connecting with other working moms. They shared experiences and offered advice, creating a community that was both supportive and empowering. This network became a valuable resource, providing both practical advice and emotional support.

Pursuing Personal Interests:

With more time at her disposal, Isabella rekindled her love for painting, a hobby she had set aside years ago. She dedicated weekend hours to this passion, finding in it a sense of peace and creativity that rejuvenated her.

Prioritizing Mental Health:

Isabella, recognizing the critical role of mental well-being in her overall life balance, made it a priority. She started attending therapy sessions, which provided valuable insights into managing work-life balance and effectively handling stress. Alongside therapy, Isabella began seeing a life coach, a step that further empowered her to streamline her goals and aspirations both professionally and personally. Inspired by her own positive experiences, she advocated for her company to bring on a life coach to help implement wellness practices within the workplace. This initiative aimed to foster a culture of openness, support, and holistic well-being among her colleagues.

Celebrating Achievements:

Isabella learned to celebrate her achievements, no matter the scale. Whether it was a successful project completion or a peaceful family dinner, she took time to acknowledge these victories, understanding their importance in her journey of self-care and fulfillment.

Physical Health and Family Engagement:

In her journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Isabella turned her focus to her family's physical health as well. She began by cleaning up their diet, integrating more nutritious and balanced meals. Meal planning became a collaborative family activity, with her kids actively participating in meal prep. This not only taught them valuable life skills but also became a fun and engaging way to spend time together.

Becoming more active as a family was another key change. They started scheduling regular activities like biking, hiking, or even simple evening walks. This not only improved their physical health but also provided quality time to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

Decluttering and Organizing for Efficiency:

Isabella and her family embarked on a home decluttering and organizing project. They realized that a cluttered environment often led to wasted time and added stress. By simplifying their living space and creating efficient organizational systems, they found they had more time and energy for things that mattered most to them. The process of decluttering was also symbolic of letting go of unnecessary burdens and making room for new, enriching experiences.

Editing After-School and Work Activities:

The family collectively decided to edit their after-school and work activities to align better with their core desires and needs. They adopted a policy where each family member could engage in one activity outside the home per week. This decision was made to reduce the hectic pace of their daily lives, allowing for more breathing room and reducing the stress associated with over-scheduling. It provided them with an opportunity to focus more on activities that truly brought them joy and fulfillment, rather than feeling stretched thin across multiple commitments.

Scheduling Weekly Family Meetings:

In a pivotal step towards achieving a more balanced family life, Isabella and her family instituted weekly family meetings. These gatherings, scheduled at a consistent day and time each week, became a cornerstone for planning their weekly and monthly goals. During these meetings, they collaboratively engaged in meal planning, discussed schedules, and delegated household chores. This was also an opportunity for them to redistribute responsibilities, using the 'fair play cards' concept, allowing each member to have a say in the household's functioning. These meetings became a platform for open communication, where they celebrated successes and discussed areas needing improvement. Importantly, this practice empowered Isabella’s children and spouse to participate actively in decision-making and encouraged them to conduct self-check-ins prior to each meeting, fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork within the family.


Lifehack segment:

Creating significant changes in life often involves overcoming a variety of obstacles, including mental blocks, unsupportive family and friends, and internal conflicts. Here's a life hack that encapsulates strategies to navigate these challenges, utilizing the support of a life coach like me, and embracing the multifaceted aspects of one's personality:

Life Hack for Overcoming Obstacles in Major Life Changes:

Identifying and Understanding Mental Blocks:

   - Begin by recognizing and acknowledging your mental blocks. These could be fears, limiting beliefs, or negative thought patterns.

   - Practice mindfulness or journaling to understand the root causes of these blocks. Sometimes, simply being aware of these barriers can diminish their power.

Dealing with Unsupportive Family and Friends:

   - Communicate openly with your family and friends about your goals and the reasons behind them. Sometimes, resistance stems from misunderstanding or fear of change.

   - Seek to understand their concerns, but also set clear boundaries. It’s important to protect your space and mental health while pursuing your goals.

Leveraging a Life Coach:

   - As a life coach, I  can guide individuals through these changes. One of my roles is to help moms clarify their goals, develop a realistic action plan, and hold them accountable.

   - I use my expertise to help moms navigate their doubts and fears, offering support and encouragement to stay on track.

Letting Different Parts of You Speak:

   - Encourage a dialogue between the different aspects of your personality. For example, let the 'fearful' part express its concerns, and then have the 'confident' part respond.

   - This internal conversation can be enlightening, helping to balance caution with ambition and fear with hope.

Creating a Supportive Environment:

   - Surround yourself with people who support and motivate you. This could be a community group, a mentor, or like-minded individuals who share your aspirations.

   - Engage in environments that foster positivity and growth, whether it’s a local club, online forums, or workshops.

Breaking Down Goals into Manageable Steps:

   - Big changes can be overwhelming. Break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks. This helps in reducing anxiety and makes the process more achievable.

   - Celebrate small victories along the way. This keeps the momentum going and boosts confidence.

Staying Flexible and Adaptable:

   - Be prepared to adapt your plans as needed. Flexibility is key in dealing with unexpected challenges or shifts in circumstances.

   - Use setbacks as learning opportunities. Every challenge has a lesson that can contribute to personal growth.

Constantly Revisiting and Reassessing Goals:

   - Regularly revisit your goals to ensure they still align with your values and long-term vision. It’s okay to change direction if you find that your goals have evolved.

   - Use these reassessment periods as a time to reflect on your progress and recalibrate your strategies.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively navigate the challenges that accompany major life changes. As a life coach,my role in guiding and supporting individuals through this process is invaluable. This life hack not only addresses external obstacles but also emphasizes the importance of internal dialogue and self-awareness, making it a comprehensive approach to personal transformation.


Key point #5

Isabella's transformative journey, blending her family's lifestyle changes with improved mental and physical health, led to a new, balanced rhythm in their lives. This story, a fusion of my experiences and those of the individuals I've coached, serves as a powerful example of the positive impact of proactive well-being steps. Her narrative showcases the importance of self-care as a means of empowerment and self-realization, not just relaxation.

It's important to note that Isabella's journey was gradual, taking almost a year with its share of challenges and setbacks. What kept her going was a strong support system and a clear sense of purpose. This realistic portrayal demonstrates that significant life changes, while not always smooth, are attainable with persistence and support.

This blend of personal and shared stories offers a broad and rich perspective on navigating the complexities of personal and family growth, providing inspiration and practical insights for moms on similar paths.


Segment: Coaching Questions

Welcome to my coaching questions part of our podcast. These questions are designed to prompt deep thinking and reflection, helping you to explore your experiences and feelings, and to find practical, empowering ways to address the challenges and joys of motherhood. Please feel free to come back to these questions as often as you need to.

1.Navigating Identity Shifts: How have you perceived your identity evolving since becoming a mother, and what steps can you take to embrace this change while maintaining a connection to your individual self?

2. Emotional Well-being and Coping Strategies: What are the early signs of burnout you've noticed in yourself, and how can you proactively address these signs to maintain your emotional well-being while managing the demands of motherhood?

3. Physical Health and Wellness: What simple changes can you make to your daily routine that would positively impact your physical health, and how can you involve your family in these health-conscious decisions?

4. Relationship Dynamics: How has motherhood affected your relationships, and what actions can you take to nurture these relationships while balancing your parenting responsibilities?

5. Financial Independence and Management: In what ways can you contribute to your family's financial health, whether through budgeting, saving, or exploring work-from-home opportunities, and what steps are necessary to start this journey?

6. Creative Outlets and Personal Growth: What creative activities or personal development opportunities are you interested in exploring, and how can you realistically integrate them into your current lifestyle?

7. Incorporating Fun and Leisure: How can you incorporate more fun and leisure activities into your life, both with and without your children, and what impact do you think this will have on your well-being?

8. Community Involvement and Volunteering: What are some ways you can get involved in your community or volunteer, and how do you think this could enrich your life and sense of purpose?

9. Handling Judgment and Social Pressures: How do you deal with societal pressures and judgments as a mom, and what can you do to maintain confidence in your parenting choices despite external opinions?

10. Legacy and Long-Term Goals: What legacy do you wish to leave for your children and what are your long-term personal and parenting goals, and how can you start aligning your daily actions with these aspirations?


Episode summary:

In the latest episode of "Wellness in Every Season," titled "Redefining Balance: A Mom's Journey from Holiday Burnout to Everyday Wholesome Living," we delved into the challenges and joys of motherhood, focusing on maintaining personal identity and well-being, especially post-holiday season. We explored identity shifts, emotional well-being, relationship dynamics, and personal growth, offering strategies for moms to balance motherhood with self-care and personal development.

We shared real-life stories from various moms, discussed coping with emotional fluctuations, and provided guidance on nurturing relationships and managing finances. The episode also touched upon societal pressures and the importance of setting long-term personal and parenting goals.

This episode was designed to empower moms to prioritize their well-being and find balance in their lives. For those seeking a personalized approach, we invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation at

Next week, we'll feature Marie-Eve Mongrain's inspiring story of spiritual awakening and self-discovery as a widow and single mom. We'll tackle themes of self-acceptance, transforming perceptions, and seeing challenges as growth opportunities. Join us for another transformative episode of "Wellness in Every Season."



Thank you for joining us on this week's refreshing wellness discussion. I'm Autumn Carter, your guide through the seasons of motherhood, and I hope you found inspiration and valuable insights during our time together.

If you resonate with the topics we explored today and want to continue your wellness journey, I invite you to follow me on Instagram at Moms Wellness in Every Season. There, you'll discover a wealth of ongoing wellness tips specifically curated for moms like you.

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Thank you again for being a part of our vibrant community. I'm genuinely excited to connect with you, hear your stories, and continue this important discussion in the weeks to come.

Until next time, remember to prioritize your well-being, embrace every season with grace, and always strive for wellness in every aspect of your motherhood journey. Take care, and I can't wait to catch up with you soon.



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